16-Year-Old Hero Risks Life To Push Blind Elderly Man’s Wheelchair Home Away From Tornado

Let’s face it, no one is prepared for a tornado, let alone one that appears out of nowhere, hence the damage such a natural event can make. Recently, the city of St. Louis, Missouri had to deal with a tornado warning and a lot of people were very scared due to that.

One of them was Gregory Beck, a double-amputee that’s blind and wheelchair-bound. Upon hearing the warning, he wanted to rush back home from the grocery store. Due to his disabilities, it was very hard for him to get back home quickly and safely. Gregory knew that, and he was extremely scared of the prospect that the tornado might catch up to him.

While he tried to push himself back home, the tornado sirens started to become noisier and noisier. A normal trip home would take around 25 minutes for Gregory. But as you can imagine, that was not going to cut it in the case of a tornado. And while people honked their car horns in front of him, no one came to his help.

No one aside from Seth Phillips, a 16-year-old that decided to help Gregory the best way that she could. At that time she was driving home with her mom. When Seth saw Gregory very scared and exhausted, he knew that he had to do something. So, he told his mother to stop the car and brought Gregory to safety as fast as possible. That was quite the experience and a great way for him to show just how important it is to help other people. Of course panic ensues in a situation like this, yet that doesn’t mean we need to leave humanity aside. Helping as many people as possible is a priority!

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