2 Years After Teen’s Dad Dies, Cops Line Up Outside Her Senior Prom

Dying in the line of duty is something that can happen to many cops, regardless of how experienced they might be. This was the unfortunate fate of Charlie Kondak, an officer in Tarpon Springs, Florida. He thought he was handling a routine call during December 2014, but unfortunately he ended up shot and then killed. Everyone in the community felt very bad for him and his family, especially his daughter named Aleena. She loved her dad a lot and this news was heartbreaking.

Her dad was only 45 when he was shot, and he left behind his wife and 6 kids. Everyone was devastated by this and they tried to take more precautions at work. Now Aleena is ready to attend her River Ridge High School prom, and her mom had a rather impressive plan.

As you know, a prom is maybe the most important time for a daughter and her father. Unfortunately Aleena’s father passed away, but her mother wanted to make her dream of having a fatherly figure near her during a special night like this. What she did is quite heartwarming, because she ended up talking with some of her father’s colleagues. All the officers from the Tarpon Springs Police Department came to the prom and they all stood in line for her when Aleena stepped out of the bus.

This was a very heartwarming moment and a sign that good things will always happen, no matter the situation. Granted, there can be some unhappy situations in life, but the community’s support can make all the difference!

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