A woman was required by her husband to choose between him and her dogs, and she chose her dogs

Liz Haslam met Mike when she was 16 and she fell in love. As soon as they finished high school, the couple got married and then moved to their parent’s house in Barnham, Suffolk. They even gave birth to a child named Ollie and were married for 25 years. But there are some things in life that might end up causing a chasm even in a marriage that was rather solid for such a long time.

Liz wanted to get some dogs

Obviously, Mike agreed, they are both animal lovers and enjoy having and being around animals all the time. This was and still is a rather impressive and unique opportunity, one that brings in some rewarding and creative ideas. But as soon as Liz started to get more and more dogs, Mike started to disagree. It came to the point where their entire relationship was related to the dogs, their behavioral and medical issues. It was to the point where they just couldn’t find them a new home, even if they wanted to. But as you can see Liz didn’t want to get rid of her dogs.

“It’s either those dogs or me”

Mike was fed up with this and he felt forced to ask Liz to either agree to get rid of the dogs, or he will get out of her life. The problem here is that Liz chose her dogs, much to Mike’s dismay. The problem is that Liz loved dogs ever since she was a little girl. But she never got the opportunity to raise her own dogs. The obsession for dogs grew year after year, and when she finally got the opportunity to own a dog, she definitely wanted more than a single pet. And at the end of the day, she adopted 30 dogs.

You can see why Mike was upset, having 30 dogs is quite the commitment. And these pets also have medical problems, not to mention they require quite a lot of affection. She needs to take all her dogs on walks, she spends thousands on medical treatments, so you can imagine the reason why Mike wanted these dogs out of their lives.

You never really know what your loved one might have to say when you make him choose between you and something else. In this case, Mike was upset and for a very good reason. She had to live in a tent for a while, she also had vet bills of around $4000 and more. It just goes to show that true love for pets doesn’t have any limits even if it might end your relationship!

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