After more than 365 days in the hospital, these conjoined twins are finally separated!

There aren’t that many situations where twins can be born conjoined, but that’s what happened to Abby and Erin Delaney. They spent their first 485 days of their lives in a hospital, which tried as much as possible to perform the operation that will eventually help the twins stay separated.

Erin (L) and Abby have continued to inspire their parents.

Their mother named Heather did everything she could to acquire the inspiration and willpower needed to handle any kind of stuff like this. The girls were very strong, and they did everything in their power to overcome this obstacle. Heather found out about the fact that her twins were conjoined during her 11th week of pregnancy, and at that point, there wasn’t that much to do other than wait and prepare some sort of procedure after birth.


Sure, the news was nothing short of shocking, as they obviously didn’t expect anything like this to beg with. The birth was complicated, just because the two twins were conjoined, and that added a huge level of complexity to the birth process as a whole. Sure, it wasn’t impossible, but it did become a lot more difficult just because the twins shared brain tissue.

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