After more than 365 days in the hospital, these conjoined twins are finally separated!

The doctors knew this was quite the challenge to endure. It’s not a simple thing to do, instead such a separation is very costly, it involves a lot of preparation as well. And as you can imagine, there’s no real room for error. The kid’s lives are in the balance, so you need to find a way to tackle and adapt all of this to obtain the best possible results.

Abby was not able to retain an equal amount of sinus. This was one of the few downsides that remained after the procedure. But then again it was necessary to perform the procedure fast. The younger the babies are, the faster the healing process is. It did take a full year to prepare this because it’s very complex and you can’t do anything wrong without any dire consequences. But for the most part, you have to realize that it was a tricky operation.

Conjoined Twins

Surgery lasted 11 hours, there were complications, and there were also 30 medical staff members there as well. The girls are healing right now, and everything seems to be more than ok. It was obviously a very tricky thing for them, but in the end they are already rolling over, crawling and they are carried separately by their parents.

They will make it through the healing process and all the challenges that appear in front of them from now on. It’s safe to say that the healing process will take quite a lot, and the family still has to purchase some treatments. Which are very expensive, and they can’t afford that. This is why the family created a Go Fund Me page where you can show your support. We encourage you to check the video above and visit their Go Fund Me page for more information about this and how you can help the twins survive!

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