Concerned Father Pays Off Every Student’s Lunch Debt So They Don’t Go Home Hungry

Most schools tend to offer a hot lunch to kids, and obviously people take them for granted. Unfortunately not all schools have the financial means to pay for every child’s hot lunch. And there are cases when kids go home hungry.

Chobani’s CEO, a company located in Rhode Island, heard about this issue and he wanted to do things right for schools that were in financial trouble. That’s why he donated around $50000 for this cause. At first, this type of situation seems unusual. But it’s real, to the point where around 75% of US schools had a negative meal balance in 2017.

But the Chobani CEO wasn’t the only person concerned about this situation. It turns out that Shawn Bumgardner, a father whose kids ended up facing this issue, wanted to do something as well. Some of the middle school students that were colleagues with his daughter were also going home hungry. And that’s why he decided to do something.

Shawn Bumgardner’s gesture was unprecedented, because he chose to pay off all the lunch money debt that students had at the Cudahy Middle School in Wisconsin. This clearly shows what a large heart Shawn has, but also how much he dedicated himself to the idea of helping kids enjoy the hot meal they deserve.

This is becoming quite the trend all over the country, with multiple anonymous donors stepping in. The last thing they want to see is children sharing their meal with classmates because not everyone can afford a hot meal. It’s a great gesture, and one that helps students all over the country!

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