Dad Of Four Says Giving Birth Is Easy, So Wife Hooks Him Up To A Simulator

It’s very easy to judge someone or a situation as an outsider, but it’s something else to actually feel something and be in the moment. That’s what happened to Michael Richardson, a father of four that thought his wife wasn’t really dealing with a lot of pain while giving birth. He believed that childbirth is an easy process, and that’s why his wife decided to teach him a lesson.

Michael Richardson was convinced childbirth is not going to be that painful, so his wife didn’t have a hard time hooking him up to a childbirth simulator. As you can imagine, this was one experience that he did not expect to end so badly.

The device he was hooked up to was created to simulate how painful contractions can actually be. This machine was used by Michael Richardson to help him with muscle pain related to an injury. But his wife cleverly reverse engineered the unit so it can be used for a different purpose.

As soon as his wife started the device, Michael Richardson started to feel a lot of pain. At first, he tried to brush it off, but soon he started groaning and writhing in pain. He felt a lot of pain in the groin and stomach, similar to what a woman would normally experience during childbirth.

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