Family left their dog at the shelter soon after finding they will have a baby

When it comes to having a baby, this is one of the most exciting news any person can receive. Bringing a new life to this planet feels and is something magical and downright unique. Unfortunately some people tend to forget the fact that pets are also important and in this case a family actually left their dog at the shelter once they heard they will have a baby.

Facebook/Julie Carner

Julie Carner found a pitbull named Smiley at a shelter. She also learned his story, which is quite interesting. The pitbull was dropped off because the owners didn’t want to have it anymore since they were expecting a baby. Smiley obviously doesn’t like the shelter life. He was there forcefully, he didn’t want it and he was difficult to handle, although not very aggressive.
It’s important to note that pets are your responsibility when you own them. This is not something you can just take and bring back to the shelter. Responsible future parents should understand that and actively find a way to eliminate all those problems and deal with this issue in a professional manner. At the end of the day the most challenging situation comes from how you manage the process and how you make it work.

Facebook/Olena Kagui

Smiley is leash trained, he doesn’t have behavioral problems or anything. It’s the perfect pet anyone can have. So it’s heartbreaking to see that the previous owners wanted to just leave him. He actually has commands in Spanish and he knows them well. This is a versed dog with some interesting training behind him. That alone goes to show a lot of cool things, so you might be quite amazed with this pet and his prowess.
Thankfully this pet got a foster family. But in the end it shows that some people are unable to just house a pet like this and keep it in a home. It happens, unfortunately more often than not some life responsibilities get in the way. Yet you have to realize that as soon as you start having a pet, you just can’t leave it there and hope anyone else will continue to raise him.

Facebook/Olena Kagui

In many ways pets are like children. You can’t expect them to be fully attached to you and let them go for whatever reason. They will suffer, they will be distant to other people and that alone will become an issue. That’s why you really have to find the right way to handle such a situation.
It’s nice to see that this story had a happy ending. However there are many pets who can’t really find a foster home. And that’s why you have tom find a way to protect them. Dog shelters are the best place where you can go and find these pets. It will be a really good idea to take a pet with you home and save his life. Rest assured that owning such a pet will be a lot of fun and a rewarding experience!

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