A mom goes to buy parts for her son’s walker but Home Depot sends her away to come back in an hour

Home Depot is one of the companies that usually go overboard as they try to help people with their request. But while the company might be like that, the reality is that some of their employees ho beyond the call of duty. In fact, it seems that Justin and Christian Moore went to the Cedartown Home Depot in Georgia and they wanted to get a walker for their son. This is a normal request, nothing out of the ordinary and a lot of couples want a walker.
In this case, their son has hypotonia and that means the child doesn’t have a way to build up muscle mass naturally. The condition is very bad for him to the point where he can’t really walk by himself. So getting a walker is the right thing for his parents. The physical therapist said getting a gait trainer is a good idea.
Since the parents didn’t know if the insurance will cover a gait trainer, they wanted to create a walker from Home Depot parts. This is a normal thing to encounter in a situation like this and a lot of people want to get the parts and try to build it at home.
But what really makes the story interesting is that the people at Home Depot understood the situation and they wanted to make this kid’s life a little bit better the best way that they could. So they actually decided to work hard and create a walker from parts. The price was the lowest possible one basically, and the Home Depot team actually didn’t charge for any of the work…

They just said to the parents to go for a bit and come back in an hour. Which is great, because by that point they got to create the walker and their son was finally able to move around and just have fun with it. There are always challenging moments in any person’s life, and when you deal with situations like these it’s always very important to try and push the boundaries in a creative manner.
It’s always nice to see that people help one another and they do everything in their power to assist and just make someone else’s life easier. Having a child with this condition is definitely not easy for the parents. But thankfully Home Depot people are also parents and they realized that it makes a lot of sense to try and assist someone in trouble.
So they did an amazing job here and taking just a few minutes or up to an hour to use some parts and assemble a walker was a really good idea. Everyone is happy and there’s no need to worry about insurance or any other costs. It’s these little things showing the true power of humanity, and we can’t be more excited to see even more people do this kind of stuff!

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Posted by Jeffrey Anderson on Wednesday, May 22, 2019

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