Octopus Nearly Rips Woman’s Face Off After She Tries To Eat It Alive

Eating an octopus alive is definitely not a good idea, as that will bring in front the animal’s main instinct to survive and attack as fast as possible. That’s something Seaside Girl Little Seven, a young Chinese blogger got to learn firsthand.

Seaside Girl Little Seven was live streaming a challenge where she wanted to eat an octopus alive. However, things didn’t go exactly the way she wanted. As soon as she tried to eat the octopus, the animal latched onto her face. It didn’t let go at all, and her face was in clear pain. The octopus was sucking her face very hard, but the pain quickly started to be unbearable.

That’s when she started to freak out and cry. These are normal things a person would do when such a situation ensues. But in the end, Seaside Girl Little Seven didn’t have anything else to do other than letting the octopus go.

And that’s when we could see the true power of the octopus. The blogger’s face was left bloody and she states that she’s disfigured. Yet despite all of that, she still wants to eat a live octopus in the future. She is a Lianyungang resident, a location known for the great seafood there.

She tried to create all kinds of videos, but none of them was trending. And that’s when she wanted to do something unusual to bring more attention towards her. This live stream, albeit horrific, brought her lots viral status. People were happy that the octopus is free, some even said that it should have taken her eye out, obviously unhappy with the way this blogger treated the animal. While the story was shared on a short video platform in China, you can now find this news on YouTube, NewsHub, LadBible and Daily Mail, among many other news outlets!

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